Friday, February 26, 2010

Birfday birfday birfday

What I really wanted to do today was have someone take me to a department store so I could get Clarins cream for my aging face. However, my face felt sorry for me feeling all old and whatnot, so it got me its own birthday present!

THANK YOU FACE for breaking out. I feel fifteen again!! Also this morning my parents and I reenacted our yearly birthday ritual, which is either my mom or dad (or both) saying "We/I wanted to get you insert-item-I-would-never-buy-for-myself, but we/I didn't know what you wanted so we didn't." WOW THANKS GUYS YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE.

They do this every year. I stopped planning my own birthday parties last year because 1) I never really liked celebrating it and 2) every year I would plan whatever we were going to do and then spend most of the party worrying if everyone was enjoying themselves, which was less than fun for me, so I stopped.

Mad thanks to Amanda for the Cake Wrecks book though, which I am seriously tempted to sneak into the bakery amongst all the other boring cookbooks we have by the couches, because it's hilarious.

In other news:

Custard from the Diary Godmother from Wednesday. The daily flavor was coffee with Heath bar bits. SCORE. We got a quart of it and I ended up eating it for breakfast.

I got these little panda prints from the Old Town Festival of the Arts last summer and they had been sitting around my room waiting for frames since then. Finally finally bought frames for them, which now means they will sit around for a few more months until I decide where to hang them. The prints are from artist John Hungha.

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