Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the mouths of Buffalonians:

In today's Washington Post Metro section:

"Steven J. Stepniak, who oversees the streets department in snowy Buffalo, N.Y, said District officials should have called up the heavy equipment before the first storm began...but Stepniak, who lives in a city that averages 93 inches a year, said even Buffalo would struggle to clean up from the consecutive blizzards that hit the District last week. "It is very hard for any municipality of any size to handle back-to-back snowstorms of that caliber," Stepniak said." (B6).

See?? It's not just us! And in other news, if your fingers are not right on home row, you'll keep typing Buffalo "Buggalo" and that will make you laugh, because it sounds like the town where Slipknot fans would all want to live.

Oh, and, super cool, if you go to the Washington Psychotronic Film Society tonight, they're showing "Zombies versus Mardi Gras" at the Warehouse Theater , for the low low price of two dollars. Tonight at 8.

Happy Fat Tuesday, everybody.

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