Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Slew of Pictures from this Weekend

First, some pictures of the storm:

The street outside before the plows came.

Captain's Row is allegedly somewhere under all this white stuff.

My prize icicle, Wilber. Sadly, from the way he was dripping, he's probably going to crash down pretty soon, which makes me want to put a pack of Skittles and a "stand here!" sign underneath him.

My very own ice sculpture. I call this one "Tentacles of the Frozen" and it's on display in the drainpipe in the alley until the weather warms up.

Lemon cupcake with cream cheese frosting and spice cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting: best buds forever. The nice man at Chadwick's gave these to us from Lavender Moon Cupcakery in Old Town. The cream cheese frosting was delicious and rich, with flecks of vanilla bean, and the lemon cake was brightly lemony with a delicious lemon curd filling (I am a sucker for lemon curd). We gave the spice cupcake to some nice ladies at the bar because I had eaten most of a pie earlier that day since there was nothing else to do but sit on the couch and eviscerate the apple pie I made earlier.

This weekend I plan on making cupcakes for dinner on Sunday with a SECRET INGREDIENT, and I will post the recipe and photos when they're done.

Also, if you're searching for an easy glaze for salmon (and aren't we all??) try mixing several glugs of soy sauce and a few squeezes of maple syrup in a saucepan, cook then down for two or three minutes, then pour over the fish before you broil it. You could add some chopped ginger if you like ginger.

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