Friday, February 12, 2010

Some thoughts on the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Really? Germany von Germanburg is from Mexico??

Nepal has the only nonrectangular flag. Expect to see that on Jeopardy soon.

The guy from Kazakhstan has the coolest hat in all the land(s).

Why is everyone chewing gum? They should have someone standing at the entryway being like, hey, spit out your gum, dammit.

Props to New Zealand for the fur cape.

It seems like places with snow have a disproportionately high number of athletes at the Winter Games. Go figure.

Hey, hi Iran!

Why do the little country-sign bearers not get to wear pants if they're women?

Azerbaijan has great pants. And I spelled that right on the first try.

Dear Republic of Georgia: I'm very sorry and I couldn't watch the filming of the luger's accident, I kept shutting my eyes. That track is scary and I hope they fix it.

I wonder what it's like to train and train your whole life to become the best in the world at something for one year, and then...what happens after that? I've never shown a natural aptitude for sports (except for Ping Pong, I'm sort of naturally good at that even though I've only played it a few times) and I wonder if there's a sport out there that I'd actually be good at but I haven't tried it or don't even know it exists.

I doubt it.

Hey, I wonder how you apply to be one of the people who stands around and dances while the countries walk in?

Switzerland's skiier is a trained butcher. That's cool. Maybe he could stuff some brats while pulling a triple lutz (is that figure skating?).

For outfits-most-coordinated-to-their-flag, the medal goes to Ukraine.

Aaaaaan here's the U.S!

Boring outfits but nice hats. White pants? Eeegh.

Joe Biden!!

Lindsay Jacobellis has massive hair.

So does Shaun White.

Caaaaanaaaaada. I've never been to Canada. I have a lot to cram into the next four weeks. Maybe I'll go to Canada so I can scratch that off the list (which I realize is going to stay blank for the most part) and eat some poutine.

And it's past my bedtime. We'll check in later.

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