Monday, February 8, 2010

Some thoughts on the Superbowl.

(Am I going to get sued for using Superbowl on this blog?)

In the interests of full disclosure, I'll say that I don't really understand football. This is not because I am trying to perpetuate the stereotype of women not getting football, but I grew up in a country where football was soccer and didn't see a football game on TV until I was in college. I don't understand the scoring system, the little lines painted all over the field, the weird moving computer generated arrow thing that follows people around, "yardage" and how one loses and/or gains it, penalties, why it matters where your toes are when you catch the ball, and how falling on top of someone is perfectly acceptable except when it isn't and you get in trouble for it. It's a lot more complicated than get the ball down the field into the net and don't kick anyone in the face or pull hair while you're at it.

But I watched the Superbowl and really did try to pay attention and the game went by pretty fast and it was nice that the underdogs won and made New Orleans happy and I had a pizza too so I was pretty happy and besides, since it's hard to leave the house because you have to struggle over waist-high snowbanks, there wasn't much else to do.

But I paid a lot of attention to the commercials because I have been told by more than one person that they are actually the best part of the Superbowl and the reason why a lot of people watch it, and the ads are very expensive and there is a lot of talk after the Superbowl about the ads. Besides, this year there was a nice frisson of controversy about the Tim Tebow ad. You know, this ad:

Which, first of all, I could not even tell what the ad was supposed to be about, and secondly, I don't think an ad for keeping your baby (ooh ooh, I'm gonna keep mah baby) should include you sacking a very frail-looking older woman. I kept expecting to hear her yell that she had broken her hip. Of course, if that had been my mom and older brother, my mom would have sidestepped him as he came flying by, then delivered her trademark sharp slap to the back of the head, which she deploys whenever we aren't listening. That would have been a more effective commercial.

In other ads, one for flo TV:

And one for the Dodge Charger:

So I'm feeling a little bit left out by these commercials. Granted, I understand that I am really, really far from the target demographic of these commercials (hello, futbol, anyone?). But I don't care if Matt shaves and/or cleans the sink, I do not watch vampire TV shows, I do not take him shopping with me, I do not care what type of car he drives, I do not mind if he eats fruit for breakfast or not (I had leftover pizza but there was onion on it which practically is an apple, so that counts, and yesterday I had apple pie for breakfast which similarly is fruit, ergo, healthy), and scented candles give me hives.

Also I would like to take Pam Tebow out for a sandwich because she is looking sort of wan.

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