Friday, February 12, 2010

Things to do this weekend

I'm still bummed about missing the Baltimore Tattoo Convention because of the snow, but there is another convention in town at the National Harbor. Get ready for....Katsucon 16!

Which is funny, because the National Harbor management sent out an e-mail with this:

Get ready for a big, big convention at the Gaylord National this weekend. A fan convention of Japanese pop culture, better known as Katsucon, will be coming to the National Harbor this weekend. You will see fans dressed in their favorite Japanese pop culture outfits walking around National Harbor.

Which I think is the Harbor management's nice way of saying, hey, please don't point and laugh, they're fragile.

Image credit Daniel Taraschke

I may go, just to bop around and take pictures, although it's going to be crowded. An estimated 6,000 attendees are expected (which is great for National Harbor since they've taken a beating with the snow). This reminds me of the Comicon in Baltimore, which although I have never attended, I have mysteriously ended up in Baltimore twice on the day it takes place although I don't go there very often, and both times have ended up right outside the convention center without any actual intent of being there. It's very weird, unless being followed by conventions is my superpower. I guess it's better than ending up at a dentists' convention (I'm sure you're all lovely people! I just don't like going to the dentist even though mine is very nice!). I do question the wisdom of holding Katsucon in February, because I imagine that would make it uncomfortable for people to wander around in boots, bunny ears, and a bikini.

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