Friday, July 16, 2010

Candy that's stranger.

So, one of the benefits to working where I do is that the vending machines are often stocked with odd candy bars that you can't find many places. (I don't know if this is intentional or we're getting the sugary version of a publisher's remainders.)

Here are this week's weird candy bars:

The Zagnut bar is notable in that it doesn't, unlike most candy bars, contain chocolate. Instead, it's got a layer of peanut crunch a lot like the center of a Butterfinger surrounded by pressed coconut. The coconut is kind of bizarre - more shredded than chopped, a sort of tan color, and so compressed that it breaks off in little crumbles when you try to bite into it, and overall not all that coconutty. There's still something appealing about this weird little candy bar, though - it's sort of like, please love me, even though I have no chocolate!

Up next, the inexplicably named Zero bar from Hersheys. I'm not sure what the Zero is supposed to mean - unless they're trying to mislead you into thinking it's some sort of low fat bar? Besides which, ew.

The label lists this as containing caramel, almond, and peanut nougat surrounded by "white fudge." I think the term "white fudge" is alarming in its vagueness - like, white chocolate? Why not just say that?

As it turns out, Zero's "white fudge" is a thin layer of what looks like lard, with not much taste except an overwhelming sweetness...sort of like a faux white chocolate, which is even more disgusting than white chocolate in general.
The interior has a layer of caramel and the aforementioned "nougat," which is like the texture of the interior of a Milky Way, and doesn't taste particularly of almonds or peanuts. I find white chocolate in general to be a bad idea, and fake white chocolate is even worse.


  1. I'd eat a Zagnut! Zero sounds gross. Maybe they're working they're way through the alphabet in candy bars?

  2. I had no idea they even existed...I really think the candy company is foisting its inventory off on us. Zagnut is kind of interesting, but Zero bars are AWFUL.