Friday, July 9, 2010

Unexpected surprise.

I got this very kind e-mail from Adam Ross, the author of Mr. Peanut:

Dear Alana,
Because I get a Google Alert on Mr. Peanut, I read some of the blogger's reviews out there. I wanted to let you know that I thought yours was terrific -- thoughtful, well observed, and very well written -- a piece of criticism that followed a cardinal rule of the practice: you discussed the work from the inside out. As well, I'm thrilled you enjoyed the book. Like Psycho, it's designed to be re-read, by the way.
Thanks again. Keep on truckin'.
Adam Ross

Thank you, Adam!

It's always very interesting to talk to someone who has written a book you read or a CD you listened to - it's so easy to think of people who create things like that as being at some sort of remove from everyone else, but actually putting a person behind the book or song you enjoyed makes the work take on a completely new dimension.
I hope Mr. Peanut is the first of many books from Adam.

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