Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First look

First attempt at the new recipes from the Cook's Illustrated Holiday Cookie Guide: Texas Grapefruit Bars.

These are essentially the same thing as lemon bars, but with red grapefruit substituted for the lemon. I love, love the taste and smell of grapefruit, especially red grapefruit.

This is either a red grapefruit or the last thing Boba Fett saw.

The light in my kitchen is very orange, so unfortunately it's hard to see the beautiful coral color of the grapefruit curd

Much better color in this picture. It's like an edible Florida sunset. I don't have a sieve, hence the kind of clumpy powdered sugar. These are really good, much sweeter than lemon bars (next time I'll add more lime or lemon juice to make them more tart; the red grapefruit were very sweet). The recipe calls for cardamom in the crust; as I didn't have any I used a pinch of ginger instead. The only drawback to these cookies is that the curd will not set up as hard as a lemon bar; it's more like a sturdy pudding, so you have to keep them chilled and would make taking them someone kind of difficult. Still, these would make a great layer for something like a citrus Napoleon.

In other news, I'm compiling my Best of 2010 list to post in December. If anyone has any nominations, leave them in the comments (and it can be as random as you want).

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