Monday, November 22, 2010

The Internet does some good.

So, a few days ago I posted about Judy Grigg's and the magazine she edits, Cook's Source, thieving an article from another writer and sending her a nasty e-mail in response to her request for payment.

According to Consumerist and, Cook's Source is shutting down, which may be partly because many of their advertisers are pulling their ads after being contacted by readers, and party because Griggs ripped off recipes from publishers that have much deeper pockets and more avaricious lawyers than one freelance writer.

Grigg's website,, has been taken down and the link will only take you to an Intuit advertising site, but Consumerist has posted some of a rambling and incoherent rant that Griggs left on the site before the plug was pulled.

"Its [sic] sad really. The problem is that I have been so overworked and stretched that when this woman... contacted me, I was on deadline and traveling at the rate of 200 mile [sic] a day for that week (over 900 in total for that week), which I actually told her, along with a few other "nice" things, which she hasnt written about.

I was stupid to even answer her that night, her email to me was antagonistic and just plain rude and I was exhausted. But I got suckered in and responded. She doesnt [sic] say that she was rude, she doesnt [sic] say that I agreed (and did) to pay her. It was my plan to contact her after deadline and have a good discussion about it....

The complicating issue was that one of the businesses we worked with had closed without notice, just a sign on the door -- leaving several people, including a chef who had relocated to this area from Florida -- out of work. I do not offer this as an excuse, but that, when she wanted money for Columbia University, it seemed ironic because there were all these people in this small town going into the holidays with no jobs, and no, well, nothing.

I should add that this email exchange took place the day before she wrote her article for the world. After she (likely) received my email, she called the home office phone at 10PM, I didnt [sic] answer that late, was in bed as I was traveling again the next day (left at 7AM the next morning) to Connecticut, and didnt [sic] get back to her. This is not an uncommon practice with anyone, to not respond to a phone call for a day or two, it happens to me from other businesses, all the time. I came home that day from being in Connecticut to find hundreds of phone messages and emails telling me I sucked and was a dirtbag... and much MUCH worse.

I really wish she had given me a chance to respond to her before blasting me. She really never gave me a chance...

If my apology to Monica seemed shallow it was because I was angry about the harm she has inflicted on others on behalf of her own agenda. "

Judy, Judy, Judy. JOOOODEEEE. I'm going to proofread this for you, send it back to you, and charge you for it. And unless you've been hitting the cooking sherry extra hard, there's no excuse for an 'editor' to write so poorly.

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