Friday, December 17, 2010

Coming soon to a Metro near you...

Random bag searches! (I'd embed the video but YouTube's code is messed up.)

This is the third time that Metro has announced that it'll do random bag searches, but apparently this time, they're for real. Metro's leadership has assured us that the searches will be quick, unintrusive, and won't cause congestion at the stations, which I believe is right up there with "working escalators," "courteous Metro staff," and "trains that don't slam into other trains and kill the first carload of passengers." Oh, and " fixing the runaway escalators" and "unicorns" and "post-racial America."

After all the negative press Metro got after the fatal train crash, numerous system failures, inattentive drivers, and the findings of the National Transportation Safety Board that Metro's infrastructure was dangerously decrepit, Metro launched this radio ad about how there was a "new commitment" to customer service on the system.

Hahahahaha. Hah. Ha. Right. The last time I ran into their "new commitment" I was trying to give a wallet someone had left on a seat to a station manager (at least I think he was a station manager, he may have also been an unmedicated street person. It's very hard to tell the difference at some stations) so it could be sent to the lost and found, and ended up getting into a shouting match with him because he kept shoving the wallet back at me and telling me I had to deal with it. I ended it by telling him I didn't care if he threw it away or lit it on fire as long as he waited until my back was turned.

I used to commute with Metro every day, I don't anymore. In fact, knowing that I'd have to take Metro to some parts of DC is enough to make me opt to stay home in my Cocoon of Safety (tm).

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