Monday, December 20, 2010

Dorking it up over here

So, most of you who know me in person, and that's probably everyone who reads this blog, knows that I am (was? not so much anymore except in theory) a big comic book reader. I never really liked Superman, since he's the biggest square in Squaresville, but I did really like Batman, because he was a little more tortured-anti-hero-hero.

I got into the Top Cow line of comic books, because they sort of pushed more boundaries as comic books went - series where the villain was also the hero, a heavier involvement of the supernatural, and a lot of cross-overs that pulled characters from one universe to the next (the Batman/Darkness crossover was a brilliant idea, total flop in execution. OF COURSE we want them to fight.). But the Darkness series, while extremely uneven in quality of artwork and in writing - when it was bad, it was awful - was interesting in that it centered around a Mafia family in New York. The series definitely worked the best when following the family, because it became a sort of gritty noir, but ultimately the writing was just too shoddy to keep me interested (which is kind of a shame, because really, all the writers would have had to do was to read the Times periodically, change the names, and then illustrate it. Aliot Spatzer gets caught with prostitute, pays off murderous crime family to make the witness vanish...)

Which brings me to this amazing blog, Law and the Multiverse. Have you ever wondered about the legality of killing someone's alternate universe character? Thought about who foots the bills after Superman creates a swath of destructions after battling a villain? Whether people with superpowers would be considered a legally protected class? Well, Law and the Multiverse is here to answer those questions and more.

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