Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pie and a moment of silence.

The last two survivors of the massacre huddle together, wondering which one of them will be taken next...delicious cranberry apple pie, recipe from Cook's Illustrated (which I'm not posting online because it's copyright protected....hear that, Judy?!)

Seriously though, this pie is delicious. The crust is Cook's never-fail vodka pie crust recipe, and the pie is a fairly traditional apple pie with a layer of sweetened, smooshed cranberries on the bottom. I like it much better than regular apple pie, which I tend to find too sweet, even with tart apples like Golden Delicious. The cranberries add a delicious tartness to the apples and a beautiful dark red color. I've gotten to the point where I can consistently make a flaky pie crust, but I don't have enough practice to make the pie crust really pretty yet.

In other news, I'd like to call for a moment of silence for a tremendous loss to drinkers in the greater metropolitan area. Steve Warner has left Eventide.

Steve is the consummate bartender, who led the bar at Chadwick's for years before leaving for Eventide. So great was our loyalty to Steve that we'd make the trek over to Eventide and endure the crowds of yuppie scenesters to try Steve's fabulously inventive cocktails. Sure, the food at Eventide was good, but I've never even eaten dinner there. We only came for Steve. And now Steve is gone, along with the general manager, and I really have no reason to go back, good food or no, and going there now would feel like some sort of betrayal.

I hope Steve returns to the bar scene, soon. It sounds like Eventide may be turning into one of the cavernous sports bars that line Clarendon, and I have a feeling that without Steve at the helm, Eventide is going to take a turn for the lame.

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