Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend roundup

This weekend I went to the D.C. Tattoo Arts Expo.

It was pretty cool - the Expo is equally for the tattooers and the tattooed, so not only could you drop trou' and get that rose you've always wanted on your butt, but you can buy tattooing equipment and ink. Georgetown Cupcake contributed a giant cupcake sculpture of a ship and banner, and there was a lot of local representation of tattoo parlors.

I did not get a new tattoo but it was cool to see all of the various tattoo-related artwork and, for once, not be the most heavily tattooed person in the room.

Today, while out shopping, I saw this amazing thing:

Here's a close-up with more detail:

It's like a disco ball mated with an antelope and this is the sparkly, sparkly result. Why? Wherefore? No one knows.

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