Monday, February 28, 2011

How to play soccer like a terrorist.

1. Play soccer without the four lines, because they were created by the infidels and [are] the international rules of soccer, which require that they should be drawn when playing soccer.

2. The terminology used by the international rules created by the infidels and polytheists such as 'foul,' 'penalty,' 'corner,' 'goal,' and 'out' - all of these terms should be left behind and not uttered. Each person who uses them will be disciplined, berated, removed from the game. He will be told publicly: 'you have emulated the infidels, and this is forbidden to you.'
6. Playing with the ball should be done with the application of rules and regulations, and with the intention of strengthening the body for the purpose of waging jihad in the path of God and in preparation for such a time as the call for jihad is issues, not to waste time or for the enjoyment of the so called victory.

12. When you are done playing with the ball, do now talk about your game, saying 'I am a better player than the opponent.' ... we only played with the intention of training to run and maneuver in preparation for jihad in God's path.

13. Any of you who, when he kicks the ball between the wooden or iron posts, then runs so that his friends will run after him or adulate him as players do in American or France, spit in his face and discipline him and berate him. What do joy and embraces and kissing have to do with the sport?
- Abdallah al-Najdi, 2005

Hear that, you guys? Knock it off.

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  1. I'm doing this tonight, it'll go over really well I'm sure...

  2. Well, you can't lose, right? Also neither can you win, but..ah, forgettaboudit.