Monday, February 21, 2011

Strange fruit/sweet cake

From yesterday's trip to Eden.

This was listed as a "cold dessert." I believe it's some sort of rice derivative dessert with pandan, but I can't figure out what the semi-opaque chunks of goop are. They look kind of like tuna.

Various toppings: green paste, green goop, black goop, reddish paste, something that resembles frog eggs, and yellow paste.

Technicolor squishy foods.

Stare deeply into this cake.

Chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. It's my unique curse that I never, ever have enough frosting to both frost and decorate a cake - I think I just need to start doubling the frosting to cake ratio in all future baking.

Cake, postmortem.

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  1. wow - great pics - but only the cake looks truly edible....