Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get stuffed

So I have this weird thing for stuffed cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes stuffed with German chocolate cake-style coconut filling

Strawberry cupcakes stuffed with strawberry jam.

I think this is because of my penchant for always going an ingredient too far. Layer cake with icing? Ha! I'll not only make the layer cake, I'll add some fruit curd or something, and then maybe stick candy all over the top of the cake. Which is why I like ridiculous recipes like Sprinkle Bakes coffee and donuts cake. A cake? Covered in donuts?? It may just encapsulate everything that is so wrong and yet simultaneously so right about American eating habits.

Coconut cleverly hidden by chocolate frosting

Strawberry-filled cupcakes covered in strawberry cream cheese icing

I was a little disappointed with the strawberry cupcakes, but I'm always disappointed with fruit-flavored cupcakes. The recipe came from Martha Stewart's website via the owner of Sprinkles Bakery in California (not affilated with the Sprinkle Bakes blog), but I added the jam filling and modified the frosting. The cupcake batter itself has strawberry puree in it, but unless you want to dump red food coloring into the cake, it only tints them pink very slightly. The original icing recipe was a standard butter and confectioner's sugar icing with strawberry puree added, but I added cream cheese, although I still thought the frosting was too sweet.

Which brings me to this:


I have a sack of tangerines, and I've decided to start making my own fruit concentrates in the hopes of finally making a fruit cupcake that is as fruity as I want it to be. My first attempt will be a tangerine curd-stuffed cupcake with a vanilla cupcake base with added tangerine concentrate, and a tangerine frosting.

No scurvy here.

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