Monday, March 28, 2011

Gratuitous food pictures.

Bowl of pho, which, I am told, is actually pronounced "fuh" as in "fuhgeddaboutit." I still pronounce it "fo," as overpronouncing words in another language when you're speaking English inspires in me a homicidal rage so intense that I cannot watch Giada de Laurentiis without shrieking and hurling objects at the television.

Big, oniony, delicious pancake.

My idea of a balanced breakfast. Also the reason I have two fake teeth (just like a rapper!) and a sugar addiction that rivals most hummingbirds. Seriously, if all the candy in the world were to mysteriously vanish, I would be out there knocking over bird feeders to get at the delicious nectar.

Another take on the King Arthur Flour muffins that I made with chocolate chips and a doughnut-like chocolate glaze.

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