Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wearing the (funny)pants

So, today brings us "Tina Fey's Tough Girl Feminism," by Katie Roiphe.

Except, actually, if you are on the homepage, you will see it as "Is Tina Fey Good for Women?"

Awww, Slate! Why the bait-and-switch? Is it because fewer people are going to click on an article with the f-word in its title?

Probably, yeah.

But anyway, Roiphe thinks that Tina Fey is, in fact, good for women. Fey's just published her first book, Bossypants:

Ick, that cover. I'm fixated less on the giant hairy man arms than I am by the fact that she looks like Annie Hall.

Anyway, Roiphe touts Fey's "tougher, funnier strain of feminism" as the antidote to...what, exactly? First of all, I suppose that lingering, pernicious idea that woman are just not as funny as men. I don't really understand where that came from. There are funny men and women and unfunny men and women, and in general I have found no correlation between being funny (genuinely funny, searingly funny, laugh-until-you-are gasping-and-our mascara has fled funny) and gender. What I have found is a correlation between being funny and being intelligent. In my experience, dumb people just are not very funny. And it's kind of weird, because I have not noticed that same link between intelligence and being creatively talented, and you would think they would go together, wouldn't you? It's like they're hooked into different centers in your brain.

I have a subscription to Esquire (why? I don't know, but it may have something to do with knowing that I'm more likely to see more of Christina Hendrick's boobies in Esquire than I am in, say, Cosmopolitan, AND I have found that Esquire has more practical sex tips. So there.) and one of the features I've always disliked is their "Funny Joke Told By A Beautiful Woman" page, which has a disclaimer about while they can vouch for the beauty of the woman in question (see! It's right there) they cannot vouch for how funny the joke will be.

And they're usually bad jokes.

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