Friday, April 29, 2011

House is mad it missed this.

Besides being generally creepy and giant-pill-bug-like, there's another reason to fear the armadillo - the little suckers can give you leprosy.

According to an article in the New York Times, a third of the leprosy cases diagnosed in the United States come from contact with armadilloes. The armadillo-contracted cases cluster in Texas and Louisiana. Even weirder, researchers believe that humans originally gave armadilloes the disease after arriving in America.

Dr. Richard Truman, a researcher at the Hansen's Disease Program in Louisiana (another name for leprosy. Hansen's, not Louisiana), was quoted in the article as saying that the disease came from "more than casual contact" with armadilloes. Which makes me wonder what sort of contact, exactly, could be considered casual with armadilloes.

Oh I was just walking here and saw this armadillo, though I'd pick it up and like, toss it around like a football for a while. Maybe put a little bowtie on it. You know.

No word yet on how this affect the taxidermied-armadillo-holding-a-beer-bottle-souvenir industry in Texas.

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