Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doll face.

Whoah! The American Girl doll company is taking the historically unprecedented step of releasing not one, but two new dolls to their lineup! The completely identical dolls to the left (well, except for pigmentation) are Cecile Rey and Anne-Marie Gardner of 1853 New Orleans.

Also there's yellow fever. Nothing says children's literature like an extremely fatal, highly contagious epidemic, right?

I totally had one of the American Girl dolls, too - Addy, the Civil War-era one, who, in my opinion, has the badassest of badass stories. Of course, back then, in the misty dawn of American Girl doll-owning, there weren't as many dolls to choose from. Samantha was a snob, I hated Molly's clothes and glasses, and I had this completely irrational hatred of blonde dolls, so Kirsten was out.

Cecile and Anne-Marie will probably have awesome clothes, if my extensive knowledge of 1850s New Orleans serves me correctly, and considering that everything I know about 1850s New Orleans I learned from Interview with the Vampire, I'm pretty sure I'm right.


  1. Kirsten was the daughter of Swedish settlers in Minnesota. I think people also died in her series, probably from frostbite or something similarly cheerful.

  2. Have you read "High Hearts" - Rita Mae Brown ??

  3. I think I did - was it the novel about tennis? I've read a bunch of her stuff - I read her Runnymeade novels, they're fun.