Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Open Letter Mondays, Sick and Tired Edition

So I'm late again on the open letter Monday, which I'm just going to blame on being tired and jet-lagged (although with only an hour's difference, I don't see how I could have been jet-lagged? But it happened.).

An Open Letter to Everyone Who Thinks Poetry is Dead

Dear Everyone Who Thinks That Poetry Is Dead,

The Library of Congress' welcome to Philip Levine, the new poet laureate, had at least 400 people there. So there!


But seriously, the reading was great - Levine is the kind of hilarious, sort of crusty old guy you wish could be your grandpa.

In other news, I just found out via The Hairpin that the Society of Memories Doll Museum in Saint Joseph, Missouri, closed. This is notable only in that I happened to be driving past the exit for the Doll Museum in St. Joe on Sunday morning and saw the sign. Doll museums - victim of the economy? Or actually really just incredibly creepy?

Anyway! I have a book review coming up shortly, as soon as my brain manages to reorient itself to being back in Washington. Seriously, I was only gone for two days. I'm like yogurt and fine china - I don't travel well.

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