Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Open Letter Mondays

An Open Letter to the Makers of the Coobie Bra

Dear Makers of the Coobie bra,

It is quite possible that your bra is, as you say, "the most comfortable bra." However, I am not sure I can buy a bra that sounds like something in which I'd keep my beer can cold.


P.S. I guess it's better than the latest collection from Victoria's Secret. They've completely run out of synonyms for "sexy" over there and just threw in the towel and named it the Very Sexy Seduction collection. I predict the next one will be the Seriously, Guys, This is SEXY collection or Our Advertising Guy, Faced With The Prospect Of Finding Yet Another Way To Say "Sexy," Hanged Himself collection.


  1. So funny I just fell off my chair. I wonder if my bra straps would stay tighter longer if I started buying things from the Really, Extremely, Amazingly Sexy and Seductive collection. Probably not, right? Sigh.

  2. I'm holding out for the Actually We Finally Realized No One But A Victoria Secret's Model is Built That Way And Just Made Comfortable Bras collection. Any day now...

  3. I would probably need some of those, too. Unless there's a mad rush suddenly for models who are under 5'1". And very, very pale.