Monday, November 14, 2011

Open Letter Mondays (and an apology)

An Open Letter To Whatever It Is In Florida That I Am So Violently Allergic To

Dear Whatever It Is in Florida That I Am So Violently Allergic To,

You win.


Seriously, I don't know what it was - I'm thinking some kind of plant - by Thursday I was like one giant hive. Cross Florida off the list of places to retire.

Also! Apologies for the lighter-than-usual posting, but I had no Internet last week. I did read Jeffrey Eugenides latest, The Marriage Plot (winner of the Pulitzer Prize!!) and will have a review of that shortly.


  1. I've crossed FL off locations to retire because it is too flat.

  2. Yes, ahh! The flatness makes distance really hard to guess because it's like, oh, I can see it, how far away can it be? Then you start walking and it's actually very far.

  3. That's the best reason I could come up with without getting into a political pissing match, Class Warfare, Caste Warfare, or anything else prickly and judgmental. Can't argue with topography, right? You can argue about climate change, demographics, tax structure, price fixing, the Pope, but topography is what it is.