Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Uhoh, or, I now know how I'm going to die.

Agent of death.
Aaaaah! From ABC News: black licorice: sugary treat, and also silent killer.

According to this article, eating too much black licorice can trigger heart arrhythmia by lowering your potassium levels. Apparently licorice contains glycyrrhizin (not an alien race, but a naturally occurring chemical), and eating licorice regularly keeps your potassium levels dangerously low, which in turn can trigger a wonky heartbeat.

Also, I'm supposed to avoid eating large amounts of licorice in one go, which is impossible because once you open one of the Panda boxes, you have to eat the whole thing because the licorice will get stiff.

Is it weird that I take this article as a challenge? My first response was to think "man, I am going to go buy like five pounds of licorice and EAT IT ALL and see what happens!"

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