Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breaking news, and bits and pieces

Damn. Nutella is a pretty fundamental part of my diet, since a pleasant looking white lady on TV told me that it was healthy.

See? I mean, how could you not believe this lady? She has kids, which we all know automatically means you are an expert in things like Healthy Eating, Cleaning Your House, and Not Letting Everyone Die In A Ball of Fire.

 Apparently this khakis-rocking mom is a lying liar who lies, and now Ferrero owes me some money, having settled a class action lawsuit brought by someone with even less powers of discernment than I have, according to this article.

I recommend that everyone who has a laptop, limited command of English, and a burning need to bestow millions of dollars on a stranger through the Internet email this lady, because she seems like an easy target.

Seriously, would you like to know how to figure out if something is good for you? Stick it in your mouth, and if it tastes good, it's making your ass bigger. And that, my friends, is SCIENCE.

Here's an excerpt from China Mieville's latest, Railsea, courtesy of Tor.com: Railsea. It is, from what I can tell, a retelling of Moby Dick, but on railways instead of the sea, and the harpooners are hunting a giant mole. Mieville is either a genius, or is legit going insane and this novel is a cleverly coded plea for help.

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